Turn Railings Into Floating Gardens

RailScapes Vertical Garden Clip
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RailScapes Vertical Garden Clip
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RailScapes Vertical Garden Clip
Let's talk Spindles Sizing. Top down view with measurements. RailScapes.

RailScapes Vertical Garden Clip

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TURN YOUR RAILING INTO A FLOATING GARDEN  Create stunning vertical gardens––right on the railing! RailScapes floating garden clips attach to your railing’s vertical spindles––at any height. These remarkable patent pending railing planters use a combination of tension, torque, and grip in unison to suspend fifteen pounds at any elevation or support twenty-five pound planters at the foot of the railing for borders. 

📐 SPINDLE SIZES (measure for best experience)
• For most IRON & ALUMINUM spindles choose 1/2”–3/4”
• For most WOOD & VINYL spindles choose 1 1/4"-1 1/2"
• Not for 2” spindles (yet) 

TO INSTALL engage one side around a spindle at desired height. Use both hands to force-flex the second side between the adjacent spindle. Anti-scratch, anti-slip PVC bumpers included. Prepare your container gardens for new heights!

🌸 Outdoors for decks & balconies
🪴 Indoors for houseplants
🇺🇸 Made in America, Pittsburgh PA
🎨 Powder-coated black
🤸‍♂️ More room for living. More room for plants.

RETURNS with authorization accepted for 21 days. We are a small business. We do not offer return shipping. Measure for best experience.