Our Innovation

For decades, railing planters have graced our outdoor spaces, but their complex installations and awkward hanging displays left us yearning for a fresh approach.

We were determined to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary, akin to the picturesque European balcony gardens that leave us in awe. But there was one crucial need – simplicity.

Our Founder

Our journey began with our founder Deborah Holtschlag – a mom, artist, and fervent fan of Shark Tank. One day, as she stepped onto her porch, she was met with an overflow of planters courtesy of her gardening enthusiast husband. She desired more living space, while he craved more room for his beloved plants. In that moment, an idea blossomed – to create a shelf that extends the deck floor beyond the railing for elegant borders. Then she expanded her vision to include multiple layers and developed a clever clip that harnessed the power of tension, grip, and torque for floating gardens.

Our founder set aside her paintbrush to launch Plant Traps from her garage, turning her creativity towards captivating social media videos that showcase how we've redefined balcony gardens. To follow our journey and connect with over half a million balconistas, search 'Plant Traps' on your favorite social media platform.