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GET READY to turn your cramped balcony into a spacious oasis without lifting a tool. LedgePlanters extend the ledge beyond railing into the perfect place for a floating container garden. Use two to support window boxes wider than 18". No ledge? See our New RailScapes.

• A ledge beyond the face of the railing of at least 4".
• At least 2" between spindles.

TO INSTALL slide them under the bottom horizontal rail, place your plant on the shelf and stake it in with the included 12” stake. It’s that easy!! Use two for boxes over 16" wide.

•  12” tall x 7.5” wide X 12” deep shelf
•  Weighs 2.5 lbs
•  Made in America 🇺🇸 Pittsburgh
•  Fits containers up to 12” tall
•  Supports up to 25 lbs.  
•  Rust-resistant Galvanneal Steel 
•  Powder coated

This item has a 30 day return policy and a $3 restocking fee/piece. Canadian and UK orders will be responsible for all customs and duties. 

How do LedgePlanters work?
The LedgePlanter extends the ledge beyond the railing and pins plants with included 12” stake.

How do I know if LedgePlanters are right for me?
You must have
      1. a ledge beyond the railing of at least 4”
      2. a horizontal bottom rail
      3. At least 2” of space between vertical posts.

How do I get the plant to the other side safely?
Hand the plant over the top rail and reach between the rails to lower it safely.

How much weight do they hold?
Up to 25 lbs. However, at least 51% of the weight should remain over the original ledge.

How tall can my container be?
Up to 12”

How many LedgePlanters do I need for boxes?
One for boxes 16” wide. Two for longer boxes.

What do I do if the LedgePlanter tips?
Reposition the plant against the railing and re-stake, or try a smaller container.

How do I secure shallow planters?
If your pot is deep the stake has plenty of soil to grip. If your planter is shallow the stake won’t have enough soil to grab. In that case we suggest you feed one of the stake’s ends down thru a tiny hole (that you drill) in the lip of the container. 

Can I bolster the LedgePlanter?
Yes. Fasten an L-bracket under slit, wedge against deck, and tighten into place. Hardware not included.

You will have 30 days from delivery to email for return authorization. Please provide details. We will offer return authorization along with a possible solution. 

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