Plant Traps

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bigger better balcony gardens

"I wanted three times the regular curb appeal without lifting a tool and I didn't want to stress out my railing. So I reimagined the railing planter." –– Deborah, Inventor.

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No Tools!

No Kidding. In less than 60 seconds, you can transform that ledge beyond the railing into a container gardening shelf – with nothing more than your own two hands! Simply SLIDE a Trap under your railing NEST a plant on the shelf and STAKE it in. Use one Trap for flowerpots, or two in tandem to support flowerboxes.

ALL YOU NEED is 4+” of ledge beyond your bottom horizontal rail and at least 2” between your balusters. The Trap does the rest.

My mom at her apartment balcony admiring her balcony garden and view. Railing planter. Plant Shelf. Hanging plant. Floating garden. Gardening tool. Plant shelf decor. Metal railing planter. Deck railing planter. Adjustable Best railing planter

expand your happy place

1. GRANDER balcony gardens
2. MORE space for living
3. QUICK tool-free moves
4. BETTER views in & out
5. MORE sun & rain
6. BUILT-IN trellis for climbing vines
7. QUALITY rust-resistant steel
8. LESS messy watering
9. STRESS-FREE on railing
10. BEYOND deer's reach
11. INSTANT gratification w/ nursery basket or...
12. SHOW-OFF your favorite planters

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bigger better balcony gardens tool-free

Plant Traps



GET READY to turn your cramped balcony into a spacious oasis without lifting a tool. Slide Plant Traps under your railing to extend the ledge into the perfect shelf for container gardening. The 12" double-pronged stake secures plants into place. ALL YOU NEED is 4+ inches of ledge beyond the bottom horizontal rail.

🌿 Bigger Plants
🌼 Better Views
🤸🏼‍♂️ More Room
🖐 No Tools

•  12” H x 7.5” W X 12” D
•  Weighs 2.5 lbs
•  Made in the USA 🇺🇸
•  Fits containers up to 12” tall
•  Supports up to 35 lbs 
•  Rust-resistant Galvanneal Steel 
•  Powder coated

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