Plant Traps

Interior view of deck with Plant Traps supporting flowerpots and boxes on the exterior base of the railing. Railing Planter Shelf. Headline reads Think Outside the Railing. More Space. Less Mess. Better Views. Tool Free.
Flowerpots surrounding beautiful deck balcony on the outside of the railing. Railing Planter Shelf. Container Gardening. Flower. Gardening. Outdoor planters. Expand Your Happy Place.


Trapped by your plants? Move them out! Expand your happy place with Plant Traps™ – the new, tool-free Floating Garden Shelf designed for balconies, decks, porches and even your front stoop.

Got a railing? Get a Plant Trap! Be the first in your neighborhood to create a floating garden OUTSIDE your railing – Think thrillers, fillers & spillers. – Tomatoes off the back deck so the deer don't... Have I mentioned “no tools?”

Installation directions tool-free Plant Traps. Slide under railing to instantly extend the ledge, nest back wall against railing, stake down planters and enjoy. Plant Shelf Hacks for new easy to install hanging plant holder gardening shelf made in USA

No Tools!

In less than 60 seconds, you can transform that ledge beyond your railing into a shelf for a container garden—with nothing more than your own two hands! Simply: 1) SLIDE Plant Trap under railing; 2) PLACE planter on shelf; and 3) STAKE plant to secure. Use one Plant Trap for flowerpots, or two in tandem to support flowerboxes. All you need is your flooring to extend at least 4" beyond your bottom horizontal rail.

Mandevilla floating garden on the exterior of a railing. Turn your ledge beyond the railing into a container gardening plant shelf. Made possible by Plant Traps floating garden railing shelf. Railing planter. Balcony garden. Think Outside the Railing

All you need

Got 4” of patio/deck flooring extending beyond your railing? (I call it a ledge.) Then you’ve got what it takes.

Plant Traps open up a whole new gardening tier to explore. BONUS: if you like climbing vines, your railing just volunteered as a trellis! For inspiration follow Plant Traps on Instagram.

Watch this

Slide out • Stake in • Enjoy

Plant Traps. Tool-free railing planter.  View of suspended flowerpot. Plant shelf decor hanging plant holder apartment living cantilever plant shelf plant holder brackets made in USA deck gardening balcony gardening staked plant shelf

Installs in seconds

Rust-resistant Galvanneal steel • made in USA

Plant Traps



GET READY to turn your cramped balcony into a spacious oasis without lifting a tool. Slide Plant Traps under your railing to extend the ledge into the perfect shelf for container gardening. The 12" double-pronged stake secures plants into place. ALL YOU NEED is 4+ inches of ledge beyond the bottom horizontal rail.

🌿 Bigger Plants
🌼 Better Views
🤸🏼‍♂️ More Room
🖐 No Tools

•  12” H x 7.5” W X 12” D
•  Weighs 2.5 lbs
•  Made in the USA 🇺🇸
•  Fits containers up to 12” tall
•  Supports up to 35 lbs 
•  Rust-resistant Galvanneal Steel 
•  Powder coated

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