My Story

I am the wife of an avid gardener who put one too many large planters on our small porch. Necessity was the mother of invention in my case. After searching for a railing planter to support flowerpots and boxes on the exterior base of railings, and not finding a single option, I took a long critical look at the state of railing planters. Railing planters and window boxes have been around for decades. They are often awkward, unsightly, require complex installation, and make bigger promises than they deliver.

I designed two alternatives with the goal of being tool-free, easy to install and achieve the look of the European balconies I've coveted for years.

  1. LEDGESCAPES Tool-Free Ledge Planters slides under the railing to extend your natural ledge into a shelf for container gardens.
  1. RAILSCAPES Floating Garden Clips (COMING SPRING 2023) A flexible clip-in wire form that suspends up to 15lbs at any elevation on the railing. We are sure to start a railscaping revolution with this patent pending combination of tension and 4 contact points. 

I hope you enjoy expanding your happy place and exploring these new tools and territory as much as I have.

I am proud to make the Plant Traps in America.

  Founder & Balconista, -Deborah