Railing planters have been around for decades. They are often awkward, unsightly, require complex installation, and make bigger promises than they deliver.

After struggling to find a way to add a second layer to my balcony garden, necessity became the mother of invention. I wanted an easy, tool-free way to create the kind of multi-tiered balcony gardens I only saw in Europe. My goal was to design simple railing planters to do what I call “railscaping.”

I've designed two railing planters to give you some new territory to explore: 

  1. The original PlantTraps® are a tool-free shelf planter that slides under the railing to extend the ledge beyond the face of the railing for container gardening.
  1. RailScapes are clips that mount between the balusters/spindles for vertical gardening––right on the railing.

I hope you enjoy "railscaping" your happy place with these new options. I am proud to make the PlantTraps & RailScapes in America.

––Inventor, Founder & Busy Balconista, Deborah Holtschlag

Inventor & Founder Deborah Holtschlag