Plant Traps

How it Works

The Plant Trap works by combining 3 ideas.

Cantilevering - The base of the Plant Trap slides under the railing and over the ledge to create a perfectly suspended shelf for container gardening.

Barricading - The railing barricades the vertical spine inside the balcony inhibiting the shelf from falling or tipping.

Staking - The two pronged 12" stake pins the plant and planters to the shelf and secures the trap and planter to the railing.

 To Install a Plant Trap on the exterior of a railing...

1. Slide base under railing from the interior until spine rests flush with bottom rail. Lift planter over railing and reach for it through the balusters to safely lower onto shelf.

2. Ensure planter and Trap are NESTED TIGHTLY to railing and shelf is COMPLETELY FLAT on the ground. Tab will just between two balusters and container should rest unassisted on shelf. 

3. Drive stake down or at an angle (for thicker railings) through tab hole(s) into deep soil. Occasionally check to see if planter needs to be adjusted and re-staked.