How to Double Down on Balcony Gardening

balcony garden Inso

During your search for railing planters you will see idyllic images of European balcony gardens that will inspire. But how to achieve? Railing planters are not one size fits all. Even though railing planters have been around for years they can still be awkward or require complex installation. Your railing will present you with your own set of problems to solve. Do you get so much sun that smaller buckets would mean watering twice a day? Do you have thin iron or thick wood railings that will make hardware an eyesore? Top rails you don’t want to encumber? 

Balcony gardening is about creating enviable outdoor spaces also known as “your happy place”.  Thanks to Plant Traps, the new tool-free railing shelf to display container gardens on the bottom ledge the first decision you’ll have to make is how many layers or tiers do you want? 

If you decide on top rail planters you will have many to choose from. There are smaller colorful metal buckets with built in hooks and larger resin windowboxes with hardware, cages with moss inserts and even baskets. After deciding what hardware and style work best for you make sure your railing can handle the weight and installation is done properly.

If you decide to incorporate the bottom of the railing, Plant Traps are the perfect answer (and also the only answer). After seeing one too many pictures like the one above we decided to re-imagine the railing planter to work on the bottom of the railing. Our goal was to create tool-free easy install curb appealing wrap-around-the-railing garden beds. Plant Traps use the floor to carry the weight so you don’t have to worry about weight, but you must have at least a 4” ledge beyond the railing to use them. Plant Traps slide under the bottom rail to extend the ledge into a perfect shelf for container gardening. The included stake instantly pins the plant to the shelf. Another benefit is that you can use terra-cotta planters or insert store bought baskets. Serious curb appeal can be achieved by lining them up, grouping them in threes, or using one on each end to support a wide box.

Next comes the fun part –– which fillers, spillers and thrillers will grace your balcony garden this season? Another fun thing about Plant Traps is they turn your railing into a trellis. Mandevilla and wisteria are great additions to any railing garden, don’t you agree?